Direct generation of Ince-Gaussain beams from a laser-diode pumped Cr,Nd:YAG self-Q-switched microchip laser

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Latest research results on direct generation of higher order Ince-Gaussian (IG) laser beams from laser-diode end-pumped Cr,Nd:YAG self-Q-switched microchip laser were published on Laser Physics Letters (2012 IF: 7.714).

Direct generation of higher-order Ince-Gaussian (IG) beams from laser-diode end-pumped Cr,Nd:YAG self-Q-switched microchip laser was achieved with high efficiency and high repetition rate. Average output power over 2 W was obtained at absorbed pump power of 8.2 W, corresponding optical-to-optical efficiency of 25% was achieved. Various IG modes with nanosecond pulse width and peak power of over 2 kW were obtained in laser-diode pumped Cr,Nd:YAG microchip lasers under different pump power levels by applying tilted, large area pump beam. The effect of the inversion population distribution induced by the tilted pump beam and nonlinear absorption of Cr4+-ions for different pump power levels on the oscillation of higher-order IG modes in Cr,Nd:YAG microchip lasers was attributed to the formation of IG modes oscillation. The higher-order IG mode oscillation has great influence on the laser performance of Cr,Nd:YAG microchip lasers.

Detailed information about the paper can be found in Laser Physics Letters, 10(8): 085803 (2013).

LPL-2013-10_8_085803-Generation of IG Beams in microchip lasers.pdf

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