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Research topics:

1. Microchip solid-state lasers

2. Transparent ceramic lasers

3. Properties of optical materials

4. Laser ignition and communications

5. Novel solid-state lasers

6. Laser manipulated micro-particles

Research highlights

1. Passively Q-switched microchip lasers for high peak power generation

Based on Yb:YAG/Cr4+:YAG composite ceramics as gain medium, highly efficient passively Q-switched lasers with pulse width of 237 ps and peak power of over 0.72 MW have been demonstrated for the first time. Details of the research see Optics Express, 15(22): 14516 – 14523 (2007).

Highly efficient passively Q-switched Yb:LuAG microchip laser

Highly efficient, sub-nanosecond passively Q-switched Yb:LuAG microchip laser with Cr4+:YAG as saturable absorber has been demonstrated for the first time, slope efficiency as high as 40% has been achieved. The research on passively Q-switched Yb:LuAG microchip laser has been highlighted on “Photonics Spectra” (January 2008) entitled “Microchip laser exploits Yb:LuAG properties Researchers create passively Q-switched Yb:LuAG laser".

IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 46(1): 50-56, (2010).

2. Crystalline-orientation manipulated polarization output from Yb:YAG microchip lasers

3. Efficient Yb:YAG ceramic lasers

4. Yb:YAG/Cr,Yb:YAG enhanced self-Q-switched lasers

5. Direct generation of Ince-Gaussian (IG) beam from Cr,Nd:YAG microchip lasers

6. Laser pulse stabilization of passively Q-switched laser by longitudinal mode selection

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